Ultherapy® NonSurgical Skin Tightening

Ultherapy® helps battle the aging process by LIFTING, TONING, and TIGHTENING by targeting deep facial structures. Ultherapy® is perfect for someone who wants to take control of their fight against facial gravity, someone who is considering surgery (facelift, neck lift, brow lift) but is not quite ready to take that step, or someone who is in between surgeries and just needs a little “freshening up.” Ultherapy® is ideal for patients who are not good surgical candidates or who are wishing to avoid the risks, cost, and downtime associated with facial surgery.

Ultherapy® is an FDA-approved treatment that uses a high-intensity, focused ultrasound to reach the deep structures of the face to lift and tighten. Ultherapy® is a safe, highly studied, non-invasive, and non-surgical skin tightening nd lifting treatment that allows your skin to remain intact. It is through the body’s natural healing process that your facial structures will slowly tighten over the next 3-9 months. This gradual process leads to a more natural and refreshed appearance.

Ultherapy patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients see some level of tightening and lifting shortly after treatment. However, as the body “heals,” you should gradually see results over the next 3-9 months. The key is that results should improve with time!

60 minutes.Patients may feel some discomfort while the Ultherapy® ultrasound energy is being delivered. This is temporary and indicates that collagen building is taking place! Discomfort may be classified as mild to moderate but really depends on the patient and can vary. Comfort also depends on the location of the area being treated – some areas can be more sensitive than others.

Patients can take ibuprofen for discomfort and can drive themselves to and from the treatment. Patients who are a bit more sensitive can be provided with Vicodin but will be required to have a driver after the treatment.

No special after-procedure care is typically required.

Varies with each individual. Depends on the results that you seek. Ultherapy® will cause lifting and tightening but the aging process will continue. Frequency of treatments will depend upon the quality of your soft tissues, your aging process, and your desired results.The majority of people only require one treatment every 1-3 years. Some individuals may desire to have more than one treatment (as frequently as every 6 months), depending on the skin’s tone and laxity and the body’s response to Ultherapy®.

The most common side effects can be flushing, redness, swelling (for a few days), tenderness/tingling (may last for a few weeks), and in some individuals – bruising and/or numbness (may last a few weeks).

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